7 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet (2014). Comparison Chart. Buying Guide. Plus, Best Amazon Deals (w. Free Shipping)

Looking for reviews on the best running shoes for flat feet, and not sure which one is right for you to help correct your condition?

Overpronation running shoes are popular amongst Internet buyers. So, whether you’re a men or women looking for the best sneakers for runners with flat feet, I assume…

1. Regular running shoes don’t cut for you anymore. You’re looking for a comfy wear with arch support and progressive pronation control.

2. You train in the gym, do marathons, and/or trail runs, and need the best running shoe for flat feet with stability or motion control support.

3. You had trouble with foot/ankle/knee pain, and have been changing shoes often. You’re looking for the right fit that lasts.

4. You’re on your feet a lot, or you cannot help but love walking, jogging or short distance running. You want to review the best flat feet shoes and pick a model which suits your body weight, arch type and feet condition.

That’s WHY I have scoured the web for days and nights, and created this page along with the comparison chart to help you get an instant bird eye view of the best shoes for flat feet brands, and make an informed buying decision.

While I made sure to feature the best rated running sneakers, you’ll find some are better than the others, and less costly. I’ve found a dozen of great choices, and only selected what I thought to be the top 7 best options.

Plus, I have also featured 3 shoes for women with flat feet. They’re exposed later down the page…

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews I Comparison Chart  I Amazon Top Selling Brands

Brand Model
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13
Brooks Ravenna 4
Mizuno Wave Inspire 9
Saucony Progrid Guide 5
Brooks Trance 11
Brooks Beast 12
New Balance 1260v3
Best pricing

TypeStability controlStability controlStability controlStability controlStability controlMotion controlStability control
PronationModerateMildModerateModerateMildHeavy to severeMild to moderate
Best usesDry conditions, Distance/endurance, Walking, Gym, Trail running Dry conditions, Distance/endurance, Gym, Walking, Trail runningRoad, track, treadmill
or trail running
Long and short runs
post-marathon, trail, track, treadmill
High-mileage runs,
marathons, trail
Walking, Dry conditions, Distance / endurance,
Running, street or track
Recommended ArchMedium, High Medium, High AverageLow, MediumMedium, High LowMedium, High
Key featuresDNA liquid Technology, Omega Flex Grooves, PDRB midsoles BioMoGo Midsole, 3D Catepillar Heel Crash Pad, Adjustable 3D Arch SaddleMizuno Wave technology midsole, Dynamotion Fit, Smooth Ride engineering ProGrid LITE foam, dual-density SSL EVA foam, LITE midsole cushioning Caterpillar crash pad,
Tongue tied lacing system, Omega flex grooves
Segmented crash pad,
DNA cushioning, BioMogo, Diagonal rollbar (DRB) accel
N2 cushioning, ACTEVA LITE midsole
TPU T-Beam shank, FantomFit technology
Fits as expected90% off customers88% off customers87% off customers86% off customers88% off customers80% off customers80% off customers
Weight (ounces)11.310.810.110.210.51410.8
Discount$38.00 (35%)$38.00 (35%) $46.53 (40%) $33.07 (30%) $30.05 (21%)Possible discount$48.77 (34%)

*** If you’re looking for the women version of any of these shoes, you should run an Amazon search for ‘shoe name + women’. And you should be able to find a suitable seize and color.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 review

Brooks-Adrenaline-GTS-13Need stability shoes to provide you with comfort, speed, and a smooth, stable ride? Look no further. These sturdy shoes are ideal for correcting mild to moderate overpronation and recommended for medium to high arches.

The special added Omega Flex Grooves allow the outsole to bend and shape naturally, while the stretch eyelets lock into the medial side/ internal support saddle helps capture the foot better. The shoes are soft enough, you can feel the road surface below, yet has enough padding.

You can grab them from Amazon @ $38.00 (35%) OFF while it lasts.

The most comfortable shoe I have worn. It also has excellent support with a good insert. The narrow width is spot on for me. I use the shoes for walking and ever day use. I just bought another pair. I just wish Brooks made a shoe for tennis.

5-star review (Amazon Verified Purchase)

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 – other features and benefits

  • The upper contains a moisture managing element/microfiber which protects against most weather conditions and keeps feet cool and dry.
  • The special DNA gel technology assists your feet, legs and back against shocks, while the PDRB midsoles allow for progressive pronation control.
  • The cushioning seems perfect for endurance running. Most people are also using these shoes for gym training and regular walking, particularly in dry conditions.

Be aware…

If you do daily dirt trail running you may find that the shoes won’t last for more than 3-4months under medium to hard conditions, as one customer has reported.

If the rubber tread or heel falls off, you may ask Amazon to send in a free replacement pair.

Cold winters may give your shoes/feet a bit of trouble/discomfort.

Brooks Ravenna 4 review

best-running-shoes-for-flat-feet-Brooks-Ravenna-4Do you run long distances and need stability control shoes with a snug fit at an affordable price? These synthetic shoes are excellent for people with narrower feet. They come recommended for men with mild overpronation and medium to high arches.

This is a traditional stability model with adaptive cushioning and resiliency provided by the rearfoot / forefoot DNA technology. Fits as expected, as confirmed by most customers.

You can grab them from Amazon @ $38.00 (35%) OFF while it lasts.

The Brooks Ravenna 4 is easily the best running shoe I’ve ever owned. I bought it based on the positive review from Runner’s World magazine. The heel is soft, which I need to avoid injuries while running 36 miles a week. The arch and stability are good enough that I don’t need to wear an insert to help with my flat feet. Excellent for 10-mile plus training runs. The shoe so light that I run more effortlessly with them. Recently wore them while averaging sub-8 per mile in a half marathon.

5-star review (Amazon Verified Purchase)

Brooks Ravenna 4 – other features and benefits

  • The 3D catepillar heel crash pad wraps the heel from medial to lateral sides and articulates the laydown.
  • The adjustable 3D arch saddle is made of a dynamic stretch material which folds the instep and secures the foot comfortably.
  • The mix of (biodegradable, durable) cushioning and support is perfect for endurance running, just as well as gym training, regular walking and trail running.
  • One customer said that compared with Asics GT 2000, these shoes did not give him any knee problems or shin splints after a 5k run.

Be aware…

The blown rubber forefoot is durable and soft, which provides a great feel, yet it is less durable than carbon rubber.

The arch band (despite being elastic) can feel rather tight

Cushioning might feel a bit harder especially if you’re used to different (softer) shoes

Tongues are a bit more noticeable on the top of the foot. No big deal, right?

One customer noticed the shoes to be a bit narrow.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 review

Mizuno-Wave-Inspire-9Looking for a breathable and sleek running shoe that makes your ride more balanced, more responsive and more enjoyable? Try this model. It was designed for the moderate overpronator and recommended for mid-to-high mileage runners / daily trainers with average arch type.

Compared with Inspire 8, this model is noticeably lighter and has an added heel wedge and close-fitting upper for support and flexibility at a price you cannot miss.

You can grab these shoes from Amazon @ $46.53 (40%) OFF while it lasts.

Now, on my 3rd pair, I’ve logged over 800 miles on these shoes and have, to date, not had shin splint pains at all. I’d say that it is well worth the money!

5-star review (Amazon Verified Purchase)

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 – other features and benefits

  • Mizuno Wave plate soaks in shock and spreads out impact forces for a cushioned ride. You’ll feel the bounce with each step.
  • Soft yet resilient heel cushioning support. The redesigned heel counter helps reduce lateral slippage and secure your heels.
  • The light, elastic midsoles material maintains your feet comfy from heel to toe.
  • Durable carbon rubber outsoles provide enhanced traction and gripping power.
  • Do they last? One customer (very mild overpronator, with low, but strong arch) said he was able to run 600 miles in these shoe.

Be aware…

The ultra breezy upper construction may require thicker socks on cold days.

Cushion is not that supportive for big guys.

For dedicated forefoot runners the shoes may not provide an efficient gait.

If your feet is slightly wide, get the wide-body size (“EEE”) shoes version.

Saucony Progrid Guide 5 review

Saucony-Progrid-Guide-5-reviewThis is the ‘go-to’ training shoe for runners looking for nothing more but lightweight stability, responsiveness and performance.

These sneakers are designed for moderate overpronators and provide foam cushioning from heel-to-toe. You’ll experience landing less on your heel and more on the mid-foot.

Compared with its predecessor (Guide 4), this model is noticeable lighter and comes with a lower heel drop.

You can grab them from Amazon @ $33.07 (30%) OFF while it lasts.

The shoes have held up nicely and are wearing well. Will probably be able to get my standard 500 miles or so from these puppies. And, on the aesthetic front, I like the color selection as well. I went with the Vizipro/Citron/Blue shoe and I’ve definitely gotten some “nice shoes!” comments yelled my way.

5-star review (Amazon Verified Purchase)

Saucony Progrid Guide 5 – other features and benefits

  • The dual-density foam renders a comfortable level of cushioning and rebound after strike, aiding the shoe feel resilient without providing an extreme bounce effect.
  • Outsole rubber is flat yet it offers a good traction level on wet and slippery surfaces.
  • The soft ankle collar, and of unnoticeable height, helps prevent blisters.
  • The comfy material found in the sockliner and upper, keeps your feet comfortable during long runs.
  • Flat and lengthy shoelaces which lack slippage.

Be aware…

Newcomers to a smaller heel drop may have to go through the inherent learning curve.

Upper could be a little thinner, however is unnoticeable as-is.

Brooks Trance 11 review

Brooks-Trance-11-overpronators-flat-feetThis is the right running shoe for the mild to over-pronator looking for stability, cushioned impact and arch support.

The technology used keeps your feet fresh, while providing you with a smooth ride and maximum flexibility.

Compared with its predecessor (trance 10), this model has a more fitted instep and shallower toe box.

You can grab them from Amazon @ $30.05 (21%) OFF while it lasts.

I run at least 5 miles/day and have a difficult foot – it is wide and I need a high arch in a shoe. For me, the shoe makes my run. These shoes are the greatest shoe I’ve purchased to date and I’ve tried most of the best brands on the market. My feet, legs, knees and hips do not get fatigued while wearing this shoe. I am, forever more, a confirmed fan of this shoe.

5-star review (Amazon Verified Purchase)

Brooks Trance 11 – other features and benefits

  • Its practical tongue tied lacing system prevents tongue migration after long runs.
  • The microfiber construction gives durability and comfort in a light fabric.
  • Smooth heel-to-toe transition.
  • Wide toe box offering a sizable fit.
  • Soft and durable rubber forefoot, for any weather climate.
  • Liquid gel cushioning gives a customized ride and support, offering double the standard energy return, meaning the faster you run, the harder the liquid becomes.
  • The midsoles allow pronation control and customized stability through its progressive diagonal rollbar.

Be aware…

Wider fit

Heavy weight appearance and feel

A customer had an issue with the heel tread.

Brooks Beast 12 review

Brooks-Beast-12-review-amazon-top-running-shoesRunning in these shoes you may feel like Zeus. They’re Brooks’ top-of-the-line motion control shoes designed for heavy-to-severe overpronators with low/flat arches and big feet.

If you’re looking for great comfort and stability while gym training, walking, jogging, sprinting or distance running, then these sneakers are the ideal choice. Sciatica, blistering and slipovers will a thing of the past.

You can grab them from Amazon @ at a possible discount (shoes were in stock while I last checked).

I wear this particualar shoe because my feet pronate. A physical therapist recommended these sneakers to me becaue of my foot problems – and what a difference these sneakers make. I wear them almost every day. A pair of these sneakers usually last me a good 2 – 2.5 years, which I think makes them a good buy.

5-star review (Amazon Verified Purchase)

Brooks Beast 12 – other features and benefits

  • Non-toxic moisture management materials maintain feet dry and comfortable on the run.
  • Soft and customized foot cushioning provides optimum balance, energy return and reduced foot fatigue.
  • Arch support.
  • Midsole flexibility/density.

Be aware…


Intended for 300-500 miles or 4-6 months.

Compared with previous version (beast 11), they’re shorter and narrower (sizing changed). Ensure you order at least a 1/2 size larger.

New Balance 1260v3 review

Saucony-Progrid-Guide-5-reviewThese are solid, non clunky shoes for runners with medium and high arches and for mild/moderate over pronators looking for stability control and comfort.

Compared with its predecessor (1260v2), this model is lighter and comes with forefoot flexibility enhancement.

You can grab them from Amazon @ $48.77 (34%) OFF while it lasts.

This shoe is super comfortable!! I took them out of the box and ran 8 miles with no hot spots. I have to say they may be the best shoe I’ve ever ran in. I run on an average about 25 miles a week and I’m going to order another pair of these shoes. Oh by the way I ordered the blue/green and they look awesome too. Can’t wait to run my next half marathon.

5-star review (Amazon Verified Purchase)

New Balance 1260v3 – other features and benefits

  • Blown rubber outsole offers durability and traction.
  • Dual-density foam collar provides heel support.
  • N2 cushioning.
  • Breathable air mesh.

Be aware…

Grip on road is a bit intense.

Padding can be a little off-putting.

Styling is not for everyone.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet for Women

 These running sneakers are specifically designed for women.

ASICS GT-2000 review

ASICS-GT-2000-reviewNeed a stability running shoe with a more responsive forefoot and to help with mild to moderate overpronation correction? Then these sneakers are meant to provide superior comfort and a smooth ride, of any distance.

Compared with its predecessor (GT-1000), this model comes with an improved mid foot support and firmer forefoot feel, plus enhanced aesthetics.

You can grab them from Amazon @ a sizable discount, while it lasts.

These shoes are the best! They offer support and fit my foot like they were made for it. The gel provides an immense amount of cushioning and I feel I’m riding on clouds. I run about 25-30 miles a week and won’t wear any other shoes for it.

5-star review (Amazon Verified Purchase)

ASICS GT-2000 – other features and benefits

  • Heel and forefoot gel cushion system vacuums-in shock.
  • The impact guidance system enhances your natural stride.
  • PHF memory foam in collar molds to heel for tailored fit.
  • Antibacterial material made sockliner reduces odor and moisture, while providing additional cushioning.

Be aware…

Feels heavier and slower than competing shoes on the market.

Not recommended for severe or heavy pronators.

Brooks PureCadence 2 review

Brooks-PureCadence-2-reviewNeed a minimalist, comfy, lightweight running shoe to last for 250-300 miles, provide you with a natural ride and at the same time help correct mild/moderate overpronation?

Then you can’t go wrong with these shoes; they come recommended for medium to high arches and are best used for:


  • Road running
  • Sidewalks
  • Distance / endurance
  • Gym
  • Trail running

You can grab them from Amazon @ $54.00 (45%) OFF while it lasts.

After reading many reviews, I opted for the cadence 2 over the new cadence 3. These are my first Brooks, and I love them! Perfect fit, great stability, and extremely comfortable. I’ve been running in them, and I plan to run my upcoming half marathon in them!!! I cannot wait! By the way I did try the cadence 3, and they are nowhere near as comfortable!

5-star review (Amazon Verified Purchase)

Brooks PureCadence 2  – other features and benefits

  • Reinforced heel counter fastens the foot.
  • Internal PDRB helps prevent overpronation.
  • Wider nav band adds extra stability.

Be aware…

Not as breathable as a true minimal shoe.

Not ideal for triathlons.

Toe box is a bit narrow/width not wide.

New Balance 870v3 review

New-Balance-870v3-reviewAre you (or your daughter) looking for a light, cushioned running shoe built for durability on the road? These breathable and comfy sneakers were created with mild to moderate overpronators in mind. They work awesome for walks, gym trainings/aerobics and treadmills.

You can grab them from Amazon @ a possible discount (when I last checked, there were in stock).

…very comfortable. I purchased my second pair. Also very stylish. I had lots of compliments on these shoes. I wear them every day and stand on my feet all the time.

5-star review (Amazon Verified Purchase)

New Balance 870v3  – other features and benefits

  • Breathable mesh on all sides for optimal ventilation.
  • Crash Pad allows enhanced motion control and heel stability.
  • Blown-rubber outsole for additional comfort, support and traction.
  • No sew material application cuts down chaffing.
  • ABZORB midfoot cushioning for a more responsive performance.
  • REVlite midsole foam reduces weight and delivers mild stability that’s excellent for low-to-mid-distance runners.

Be aware…

For some, width feels tight around the toes.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet: Buying Guide

Since you’re looking to find the best running shoes for flat feet, something which will give you comfort and help avoid possible injuries, this is what you should know before making a buying decision.

First of all, unless you correct your overpronation, you’re prone to developing collateral damage such as shin splints, tendonitis, knee issues, hip pain or lower back pain.

Here are 3 simple and quick ways to test if a shoe is designed for flat feet:

Front flexibility

Shoes which are flexible and bend with ease in the middle section, are probably not giving enough arch support. Try this: bend the shoe at the toes and at the middle section. Is the front more flexible and does it bend more easily than the middle part? Then the shoe suits overpronators.


Check the stability of the running shoes. You’re looking for less flexibility and more support. Try this: twist the shoe around its own axis. The more easily they’re twisting, the less support they provide, thus not making a good option for overpronators.

Heel support

In order to limit or prevent heel/ankle bone rotation, you should go with a shoe that provides solid heel support.

In short, the ideal running shoes for flat feet are snug enough, steer away from flexibility, and provide mid sole and heel support.

There are 2 types of shoes particularly created for runners with flat soles: stability and motion control shoes.

*** Stability Running Shoes

Before you decide which type of shoes you need, you will have to do some specific findings.

A good running shoe needs to fit your gait and body weight.

Know  your arch type

The arch of your foot is supposed to absorb ground impact, support your weight and propel your body forward with every foot step taken. Unless, you’re flat-footed.

In the case of an overpronator, the impact of each step is transferred to the rest of the leg, causing the foot to land at an extremely exaggerated angle that could cause injury, as we previously talked about. So, before choosing a shoe with good arch support, you need to know your type of arch.

You can determine this if you consult with your podiatrist or talk with a knowledgeable running-store employee. Or, you could try a wet test yourself to find your arch type:

How to do a wet foot fit test – Zappos video on YouTube

Normal arches:

If you have neutral arches, you tend to be an average or mild overpronator, thus you’re required a stability shoe with posts / extra foam on the medial (arch) side, to avoid excessive pronating.

Flat arches:

If that’s your case, you tend to overpronate, and you’ll need a stability shoe with extra cushion and arch support to help prevent injuries. If you have severe overpronation, or if you’re taller or heavier than average, then get a motion-control shoe.

*** Motion Control Running Shoes

These type of shoes are similar to stability shoes. Plus, they feature stiffer heels and/or a special sole unit/upper construction which locks your foot in position and support it throughout your ride.

High arches:

If that’s your case, then you have the least common arch type. You tend to underpronate. Specialists recommend a neutral-cushioning shoe, with no extra stability features that could hinder your foot from pronating.

Do you wear prescription orthotics? Then these inserts probably add motion control to your shoes anyway. So, you could pick a stability or neutral shoe instead – regardless if you have low arches and severe overpronation. However, you should further your research on this aspect.

Running shoes buying tips:

1. Size up one half-size

You should be able to ‘play the piano with your toes’. Any irritation you feel during the first time you put the shoe on, will be amplified once you hit the road, and may lead to blisters and black toenails and other things. So pick a running shoe one half-size larger than your regular/street shoes, as your feet may shift around and swell as you run.

Most people also make the mistake to hit the store in the morning, try on some shoes, buy what they think it fits them right, and then come back the next day with a ‘they were too small’ remark, requesting a resize.

2. Use your running shoes exclusively for running

Most running shoes lose their cushioning after/last for about 300-500 miles, depending in part on your body weight, shoe type, footstrike and typical running surface. Jot down the date of purchase, track off your mileage and buy a new pair of shoes in advance, before any problems such as shin splints may arise.

Compared with overpronators, neutral runners wear down a shoe less quickly.

3. Buy for the long term

Do you use to run every day? Then consider buying two pairs of shoes and rote them every 48 or 72 hours. This way you may increase your shoe’s mileage and at the same time, decrease the cushioning decompression usage.

4. Try before you buy

Knowing your arch type isn’t enough. You should also feel the shoes matching your own arch’s shape, thus taking your shoes for a quick jog (like for e.g. on a store’s treadmill or on the sidewalk), is recommended.

Online that’s not possible, so you may want to order multiple pairs of the same shoe (different seize) or different brands. You could return the ones who doesn’t fit you or aren’t the right choice. It’s a fun and smart thing to do, particularly if you’re a busy person and don’t like wasting time in the store.

Lots of people buy shoes online, just read the hundreds and thousands of available Amazon reviews, and you’ll agree.

The truth about Flat Feed/Fallen arches YouTube video


While I cannot guess your mind, I know (from my previous research) how people are desperately searching on Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and related forums on things such as…

  • best running shoes for flat feet reviews
  • best sneakers for runners with flat feet
  • buy overpronation running shoes
  • cheap stability running shoes
  • top running shoes
  • motion control running shoes
  • compare best flat feet shoes

You get the point.

The web is like a jungle though.

It takes days, weeks and even months to find the right information, and glance through a dozen of reviews and consumer ratings. Who has enough hours in a day to be able to do all this, and then separate the good from the bad and the ugly?

Fortunately, I blog full-time, so I had to devote enough quality time to read, research, and write this article/comparison chart, while providing valid and up to date data (at the time of writing). If I made any typos/mistakes, please contact me ASAP.

If you think this post – 7 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet 2014 Reviews + – was helpful to you, then please refer it to your friends, contacts and other men and women who will benefit from this information.

One simple gesture on your part and you may help someone in need looking for the best running shoes for flat feet. A quick email or social media share is all it takes to make someone happy today.


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